Here's the back story leading to
From the desk of Mike Long:

1) It all started... 100 days ago Tai Lopez, Alex Mehr and I had a late night round table session at Tai's Beverly Hills compound. Tai and I especially frequent online marketing events (amongst the attendees - not behind the scenes, rubbing elbows with other "VIPs"), and are especially plugged in, personally, with our sizable and influential followings. 

Tai said that he'd realized, in the few months, that Alex's Ultimate Facebook and Instagram playbook, Tai's secret weapon for launching and powering massive online projects, is the "must have" factor for people he meets. I piled on saying Alex's framework is an overwhelming advantage for anybody.

2) Testimony... poured in over the next week, as I privately polled individuals attending Grant Cardone's 10x event in Las Vegas, and Traffic & Conversion in San Diego. People loved the idea of discovering what Alex has been doing, quietly, behind the scenes, in his underground money-getting laboratory. In fact people started pressuring me to get Alex to do something! 

These two woman cornered me at the bar at T&C and asked me to send Alex a picture of them on WhatsApp, saying they would pay big money if Alex would do it (I'm the one sending the image and writing in green text - replies from Alex are in white):
One person after the next piled on. Derek Gehl, whom Tai often mentions as one of the first people he bought an online marketing advertising training program from (Derek ran Internet Marketing Center along with Cory Rudl) was blown away.
That Derek not only wanted this knowledge for himself, but that he even offered to spread the word moved me.

Altogether dozens of people spoke out, all on the same team, all shouting the same thing. That they want The Alex Engine!

Even Facebook and Instagram consultants and experts were excited. If anything there were even more excited, probably because they are even more dialed in than most, and realize what an incredible opportunity it could be.

Here's the rundown from two Facebook app developers:
3) The Mandate... continued to snowball as days later Tai hosted a 1-day $2,500 per person online money-geting Bootcamp at his Beverly Hills home. Three types of people were at this event. There was the Bootcamp attendees, there were several people who pay Alex's digital agency at least $10,000 per month to apply the Alex Engine to their business, and there were several members of Alex's team.

I spoke with several individuals from each group, including recording a number of raving testimonials from Alex's digital agency clients. I was blown away with the way they sang Alex's praises, and the way they shared heartfelt thanks for Alex's team - multiple people said when Hudson took over their project from Alex, that it was as if Alex was still there. One person after the next stressed the attentiveness of Alex and his team.

Here are snapshots of many of these people who were heaping praises:

4) Vision ... After a rousing speech by Alex he was understandably mobbed by appreciative Bootcamp attendees. With a crowd around him 5 and 6 people deep, Alex patiently answered questions for 2-hours. The power of that two hours was unmistakable. The next day as Alex, Tai and I met to unpack the events of the Bootcamp we came to the same conclusion:  we need to bring this experience - this two special hours, and put it on a site.

5) Meantime - While this was going on there's another set of events we need to weave in - the success of business after business that Alex and Tai launched, just in that week leading up to the bootcamp! Tai and Alex decided to partner on a new launch of a new product or service, all powered by The Alex Engine, in one week. The numbers on each of these launches were somewhere between promising and staggering. Even letting Bootcamp attendees watch as Alex and Tai launched a meal supplement brand live.

6) Secret Weapon: This all pushed Tai over the edge to sharing his secret weapon, Alex Mehr, and The Alex Engine!

7 This Website: Which brings us to this website you're on now, Alex sat down and recorded a series of videos that covers that magical 2-hours of Alex answering questions for this site, - I even piled on by making custom artwork because a picture is worth 1000 words and I wanted an image that sums up what this site is all about 💸📦:
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